One thing we try to emphasize on this website is the utmost importance of READING the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation. How can you profess to know what the Bible says if you have never read it? It is amazing how many people we speak to who have no idea that the Bible says something they never heard of. OR, that things like "christmas" and "easter" are not even in the Bible in a favorable manner!

The Bible is full of tremendous stories for people of all ages. We have found that when the stories are presented without the chapter titles and verse numbers, they tend to be much easier to comprehend and far more interesting. Therefore, we will be adding books from the Bible in that format and most chapters are concluded with a self-test to aid the student in assessing their own comprehension and understanding. As new books are added, they will be placed in the order they are in the Scriptures. Enjoy the books!

It is very important for youth and adults to know there are many versions of the Sacred Scriptures available today. Therefore, we will be using various versions of the Scriptures for different books to give folks exposure to the different Bibles that people use. The version will be listed at the beginning of each book. We are using only versions which are commonly recognized (The King James Version, New King James VersionNew American Standard Bible, New International Version), correcting some items as mentioned in "Explanations." Keep in mind there are hundreds, if not thousands, of scripture versions out there and in our humble opinion, not ONE "perfect" one. However, if you are seeking and searching for truth, you WILL find it (Jeremiah 29:13, Matthew 7:7 and more). You may be able to see pros and cons of the different versions as you read along in the books. It may actually be beneficial to have two or more following along in different versions!

Check back as we will be adding more books right from the Scriptures! If there is a particular book you would like us to put on, please e-mail us and we will do what we can to get it on.


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We are in the process of re-doing the website and will resume putting books on after that is completed. In the meanwhile, there's a new article on regarding "mind blocks" to learning scripture, click here. What happens when a person dies? Click here to see what the Scriptures say. Do you enjoy history as it pertains to belief structures? Check these two out, click here. For an in-depth study regarding the Trinity, click here!