"Psalm" actually means "song," though most think of this as a book of poetry. This book is generally classified separately from all others, being in the "poetry" category, as opposed to the law or prophets. According to history, David was the author of many of the psalms, although not all of them. Other authors include Asaph, sons of Korah, Solomon and some others. There are 150 chapters, more than any other book of the bible. Many are prayers in song--some in times of adversity, many of faith in adversity, some of trusting, some of praise.

Because of the nature of this book, namely being a song/poetry book, we will not be putting quizzes at the end of each segment.

music noteWhen you see this symbol, there will be a place to click to start listening to certain Psalms which someone put to music! There are a lot of very talented musicians out there! Although many of the Psalms will stand on their own, there are some very short ones which will be combined and may be a few that are split between pages due to their size.

We pray you can find encouragement in these words.

We will use the New King James Version for this book.


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