"Proverb" generally means a parable." It is a literary genre, device, and style in the form of short, pithy sayings, prophetic utterances, or compositions of comparison." You may notice the word "parable" because we know that Yahweh's Messiah, Yahshua, often spoke in parables!

Proverbs contains basic wisdom for everyday situations. It has been said that if people followed the advice given in this book, their troubles would be drastically reduced. This Book is set up to read one chapter a day every day of the month (except for those months containing 29 or 30 days on man's calendar). Therefore, there are no quizzes associated with this Book of Proverbs, although verse numbers are still omitted to make it more readable.

Certain chapters contain contrasting thoughts throughout. These may have a link for a printable one-page summary of that chapter showing the contrasting thoughts by verse.

We will be using the Contemporary Jewish Bible Version of Scriptures (replacing our Heavenly Father's Great Name where called for) for this book.


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