"Numbers" means "numbers," as in a census (how many people are in a family, a tribe, a nation and so forth). It is the fourth book of the Bible and contains more statistical information than any other book (at least it seems that way!). If you decide to focus on numbers in scripture, you will most certainly find a lot of clues here! Of interest is the Hebrew word for this book is "Bemidbar" which literally means "in the wilderness," which is more the theme as the people go from the area of Sinai to the border of the Promised Land.

In Numbers, you will find Moses giving the results of many counts for the different heads of families and tribes as well as a substantial amount of instructions in general. Numbers, by themselves, can be distracting for a lot of people and, if you are one who is distracted by them, just skim through those areas, picking up again where the counting stops. You don't want to miss something important by not reading it at all. You will see YAHWEH's patience, mercy and endurance a lot in this book!

We will be using the New American Standard Version of Scriptures for this book.

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