“Leviticus” literally means the “book of the Levites.” It is the third book of the Torah and is directed at the Levites, Israel’s priests.

Although this book has a title indicating it is for the Levites, it was originally directed to all believers and there are many directives still of primary significance to all peoples looking for truth in His words. Most understand that there have not been sacrifices made since the destruction of the temple in 70 AD, but the procedures given herein could assist in studies of those sacrifices and the exactness our Father gave in His instructions for them. YAHWEH had a purpose for every single instruction given but we do not always know what that purpose is. Just like a parent telling a child to do or not do something, the child is not always to know the reason; yet the child is expected to obey. The time will come when the child does know and comprehend the reason.

We will be using the New King James version for this book.

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