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To be classified as an "Advanced Reader," it is presumed that you have read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Ideally, you have seen that many concepts taught and believed by people today are NOT in accord with the Scriptures such as calling our Heavenly Father and His Son by titles or "names" they have never heard; the days folks observe as "holy days," our Heavenly Father's "perfect" law was "done away with"; and so forth. Something we should remember is that these "elementary" topics were NEVER questioned when Messiah walked the earth--they ALL knew and used His Hebrew Name, His (and our) Father's Name, the correct days to be honored, the law was in full force and effect. That is "why" they are "elementary" topics. We will be delving into deeper topics in this section, albeit necessary for our salvation.

Another doctrine which has been taught erroneously for many, many years is the concept of a "trinity" or "three-in-one" mighty one (elohim/"g-d"). Some gave up the concept when they learned that the "holy ghost" is not a person, but still latch onto a "two-in-one" mighty one (or "twinity")--surprisingly how many people still hold onto this "two-in-one" concept without even knowing it! Many have learned or are teaching that you pray TO the Messiah, not in or "through His Name" which He said to do in John 14:13-14, Jude 1:25 and elsewhere. We will have information on these concepts as well.

We will not know all truth until Messiah returns; however, there are many, many things we DO (or should) know just by reading His words. There have been doctrines taught of late which actually VIOLATE the commandments pertaining to misuse of our Heavenly Father's Name (inclusive of the Father's "power," "authority," etc.) such as what role Messiah played in the original Scriptures. "If" our Messiah pre-existed, where are we given the authority to place Him in a specific role or roles? We're not. We are, however, told quite clearly that the secret things belong to Yahweh (Deuteronomy 29:29). One such teaching which is horrendous as it clearly violates Scriptures is Yahshua being "Yahweh of Hosts," again, contrary to what we are told. Now, "if" you put the Son where the Father did not put Him (especially in "place" of the Father Himself), aren't you reducing the Father? That would be in violation of His own words to not take His Name and bring it to naught/nothing. Of course, if any of these topics originated before the Messiah was born on earth, we'd better research to see WHERE they originated. Just like "christmas/saturnalia," "easter/ishtar," and the like. Many things we have been taught have their "truth" rooted in paganism which we are told to have nothing to do with!

If, after reading any of these articles you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will do what we can to help you help yourselves. We have no desire to argue, just to prompt you to "search the scriptures, prove all things." May our Father help guide us all in and through His words!

The State of the Dead

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