Most everyone who has a faith base in the book known as the Bible, believes we are truly in the end times. However, many of those same people do not understand what the Scriptures say or have any clue of what they must do to prepare themselves for the times ahead. How can you claim to understand what the Bible says if you have never read it? Or, you have never read it from the beginning. This site professes news contained in the same Scriptures most have heard of all their lives, but never read.

In John 6:45 the Messiah says, It is written in the prophets, "They shall all be taught of Yahweh." Everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to Me. It doesn't say, "Everyone who has heard from their minister," does it? YOU are responsible for your own path to salvation, no one else!


So many go to a church or an Assembly and listen to what the leader tells you. Many within some groups profess to teach truth and encourage people to read and study for themselves; however, when a core doctrine is threatened, they tend to change their mind and desire all to believe THEIR doctrines--what a sad state of affairs!

If there is ONE Assembly and the Messiah is the head of it, which one is correct? Actually, none of the organized groups can be or it violates what our Messiah said in Colossians 1:18 where "He" is the head because every organized group has "men" in leadership and, sadly, there is not often room for our Savior there. 

This website is to put out there numerous ideas based upon "mis"-understandings of scripture which have been passed down through the ages along with the more correct concept and explanation of same. Before anyone gets into studying these articles and ideas, you are STRONGLY encouraged to read the Book! (NOTE: Because this is so important, we are putting some of the books of the Bible on this website in an easy-to-read/understand fashion, yet verbatim which you can access by clicking here.) Start at Genesis and read through Revelation. If you get stuck in genealogies or such, skip over them, but keep reading. Make notes as you go to come back to perhaps study some topics. How on earth can you understand a novel when you pick it up in the last half? You cannot. How can you know what your Father in heaven expects from you if you do not read about Him? What we have known as the "Old Covenant" is where our Father is explained--His likes, dislikes, desires, wants, and so forth FOR US! Verses from this section were quoted repeatedly in the so-called "New Covenant" which was not even in existence when the Messiah and His apostles walked the earth!

You may find some of the contents of this site offensive, but the truth is most have been deceived and so strongly that they take offense when truth is presented. It matters not to us. Philippians 2:12 instructs us to work out our OWN salvation, not our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends. However, we have appreciated dear brothers and sisters helping us throughout the years and this is an attempt to help others to find truth for their own salvation. The articles on this website were contributed by several individuals, none of whom are connected to any organized "religious" group but they all have a sincere heart and desire to learn and put into practice our Heavenly Father's directives.

We suggest that if you are brand new to the Bible, believe in a trinity, or believe the law was done away with, click here for some very basic but important information and direction. If you have read the Bible and started to see the many discrepancies between scripture and what you have been taught, click here. After reading and starting to study the articles contained herein, feel free to contact us with any questions and we will seek to help you find the answers. May Yahweh our Father guide and direct all who sincerely seek Him!